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Special Needs Toy Library, Parent Support Groups, Integrated Family Services, Totally Awesome Parents Group, Community Transport and Volunteering

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Special Needs Toy Library

The Special Needs Toy Library, based at 71 Koroit Street, Warrnambool, provides information for parents and lends play materials and educational toys and equipment to facilitate the growth and development of infants and children. Borrowing is available for people of all ages.


Parent Support Groups

The Strengthening Parent Support Program offers support, information and assistance to parents and carers of infants, children and young people 0-18 years with a disability or developmental delay through: 

• Parent Support Groups and Activities
• Workshops and information forums

• Group work
• Individual parent support 


Parent Support Groups offer parents social and emotional support, an opportunity to share information, ideas and time out.


If you are a parent of child or younger person who has a disability or developmental delay (0-18 years) you may like to join a support group. Parent Support Groups are held in Warrnambool, Portland and Hamilton.


Integrated Family Services

Integrated Family Services (IFS) provides services that improve outcomes for vulnerable children and young people by working with families to better support and maximise the opportunities for their children.    The Integrated Family Services Practitioners do this by ensuring that the vulnerable children and young people and their families are effectively linked into relevant services.   


We provide casework and in-home support to vulnerable families experiencing difficulties.     Providing families with support increases parenting confidence and capacity and this leads to strengthened family relationships, leading to better opportunities and outcomes for children.     Our practitioners work with young people and families so that they can access services and supports that they need to enhance their wellbeing.


Totally Awesome Parents

Totally Awesome Parents (TAP) group is a support group for parents with intellectual disabilities and/or learning difficulties.


Through regular meetings, the group respects its members in all aspects of parenting and supports new learning through social and community gatherings.


The TAP group provides:

• Support
• Respect for each other
• Regular meetings
• Shared experiences
• Safe place to talk


Community Transport

Community Transport aims to assist those who are in need of accessing transport. Volunteer drivers provide a door-to-door transport service.   Mpower provide Community Transport for:


  • People who cannot use conventional public transport;
  • People who are geographically isolated; and
  • People to attend group activities, medical appointments, to visit friends, relatives and to attend social activities.


This program relies on the invaluable contributions of volunteers who provide this service to the community.



Looking for Community Transport Volunteers


Community Transport services are provided principally by volunteers. These volunteers give freely of their time to benefit the community. The scheme acknowledges the invaluable contribution of its volunteers and undertakes to train and support them in their role.


Without the assistance of our volunteer drivers, the Community Transport program would not be possible.


If you would like to volunteer, please contact us today.



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